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Preparing for a consultation with a business law attorney

One of the best pieces of advice for new business owners in Pennsylvania is to seek help from those more experienced. This can mean surrounding yourself with successful owners that you respect, but should also include consulting legal experts who have helped others create and guide their companies. We at Kisner Law Firm have been strategically consulting business owners and are prepared to help you overcome obstacles that you may encounter.

If you have an appointment already made, there are certain pieces of information that are important to bring to the consultation. You will need to provide information about your operations, including what products or services you will offer and what licenses will be required for those, as well as any state or federal regulations that may apply to your business. You should also be prepared to discuss employees, equipment needs, contracts, financing and large purchases that are expected.

You will also need to explain structure of your company. This includes the number of owners that will be involved and what their contributions and level of activity will be, how profits and responsibilities will be divided, and what the financial positions of the owners will be. This information will be crucial in determining the type of entity that you need to create.

Once these facts are presented, you can make decisions such as the type of insurance that will be best, your employee situation and the most optimal way to minimize tax liability. You can focus your decisions on the goals that you have for your company now as well as in the future. For more information on preparing for your consultation, please visit our web page.

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