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Fight back against accusations of discrimination

You base the decisions that you make regarding the hiring or firing of your employees on the best interests of your Pennsylvania business, yet sometimes, these decisions can come under scrutiny. Disgruntled employees or former employees may sometimes claim harassment or discrimination, when in reality you were making a reasonable decision based on facts and the well-being of your company.

It is prudent to confront these types of accusations swiftly and effectively. The best defense is a good offense, so documentation during employment is key.  It is also important to have enforce non-discrimination  policies in place.

If you are dealing with accusations of pregnancy discrimination, you do not have to deal with it on your own. The attorneys at Kisner Law Firm can provide a proactive plan to document compliance and can also provide advice to help you handle claims of discrimination.

Fighting back against false allegations

Whether an employee has actually filed a lawsuit, is simply threatening to do so or you suspect that a problem could arise soon, you have the right to take quick action to address these matters appropriately. Discrimination is serious, and even if you know the allegations are false and ungrounded, you still need to respond to them.

With assistance, you can work to show that you did not act in a discriminatory manner or unfairly, but made a reasonable decision as a business owner. Evidence, such as extensive documentation, can benefit your defense against claims of discrimination or lawsuits.

Protecting the future of your business 

One of the best defenses against allegations of harassment is to avoid litigation altogether. It would be beneficial to work on a plan of operation and HR policies that protect you as well as your employees.

In the event that you are confronted with claims that you discriminated against an employee, you would be wise not to ignore it or take these allegations lightly. A serious threat to your business merits a serious response.  Kisner Law Firm can assist with providing a proper response.

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