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What is the Pennsylvania Wage Payment and Collection Law?

You may not give much thought to your employees' wages. However, wages can be a source of dispute for your Pennsylvania company. It is important to understand the various wage and hour laws affecting your business, including the Pennsylvania Wage Payment and Collection Law, so you can avoid disputes in this area of your business.

There are many things you are required to do in order for your employee wages to be considered legal. Even after you have established and promised a legal wage, you must follow through and comply with the wages and payment terms you have established.  This is why it is important not to unwittingly establish wages or payment that you did not intend to or do not plan on paying.

The Smart Business Network says that each employee's wages and hours should be recorded, and these wages need to be delivered on designated paydays. You typically have till the next payday to give workers their earnings when they leave your company, and failing to do this may result in a claim against the company. Additionally, workers need to understand their wages and benefits when you hire them.

Although these requirements sound simple, you may unintentionally break them. If a worker quits but owes your company money, you might wrongfully deduct money from the employee's last paycheck. You may also experience disputes if you do not give employees their wages after they leave the company, even if your company is facing financial difficulties. 

There may be stiff consequences for breaking Pennsylvania's wage law. You may be required to pay a portion of your former employee's legal fees and a fine, and in some circumstances you may face imprisonment. Before a claim proceeds to court, you typically receive a notification of your legal error and usually have 10 days to pay your former employee. The amount you owe usually increases if you do not deliver the wages after 30 days.    

The experienced attorneys at Kisner Law Firm can assist owners and management in understanding the multitude of hour and wage laws and develop a plan to help your company stay in compliance.

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