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What's your 'pie in the sky' business idea?

Business meetings - those two words can draw excitement or ire depending on your perspective. As you meet with your partners to discuss a new business idea, you can quickly tap into the creativity in the room, but as ideas become a reality, questions arise that can bog down progress in both business formation and product creation. How can you work past these roadblocks on the way to success?

Choosing a business structure

In the early stages of planning, you will discuss what kind of business structure you and your partners will utilize. You probably know what the company will do, but how it will run takes a little more discussion. The advantages of entity types will be the subject of much discussion between you and your colleagues, and understanding the differences can help drive the conversation.  Two of the most popular entities are a limited liability company (LLC) and a Corporation. 

An LLC or a Corporation can also make tax elections to better fit the needs of your partners and your business.  Both an LLC or a Corporation can be taxed as an 'S-Corp' or a 'C-Corp', an LLC can also be taxed as a partnership.


  • Limited liability for members
  • Flexible 
  • Tax election options

S corporation

  • Avoids taxes on profits outside of compensation
  • Limited shareholder and stock options


  • Limited liabiiity for shareholders
  • Favored by investors
  • Statutory requirements for governance structure
  • More restrictions on tax elections

Your business will likely change as the business grows, the prospects of which can be written into the business plan.

A business law attorney can assist in including the legal needs for growth in your business formation. Your legal professional can also act as a third-party voice to your business structure outside of the egos and emotions of the daily workflow.

Focus on the formation

As a soon-to-be business owner, you want to be efficient, and keeping discussions focused is often the key to early meetings. Even if you intend to develop a large business, the close company you keep is critical.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos was recently named as one of the richest people in the world. To help him reach his business goals, he relies on a "two pizza rule" to keep meetings productive. That is to say; he never invites more people to a meeting than two pizzas could feed. Could you use this same rule during the formation of your business?

Understanding the advantages of particular business structures can help drive formation discussion toward the 'pie in the sky' that is your business goal.

Kisner Law Firm can provide advice and planning on the formation of your business and assist new or soon to be owners on focusing on the pertinent discussions and important choices that will need to be made.  Our attorneys can also provide formation services and advice regarding best business practices one your new entity is formed.

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