Legal Counsel For Small Business: Pittsburgh Attorney

Many small to midsized businesses are simply not large enough to maintain in-house counsel, a legal department or even a human resources department. As the business grows, this can lead to unforeseen legal issues.

Legal Counsel For Small Businesses Throughout Pennsylvania

Kisner Law Firm, LLC partners with small and midsized companies throughout Pennsylvania to provide the guidance and assistance they need to ensure that their interests and the growth of the company are protected. Our business attorneys develop deep relationships with the companies we represent, understanding their business operations, workforce and goals for growth. This equips us to create customized strategies and solutions that meet their specific needs and help them advance their business.

This includes representation involving:

  • Contracts and agreements — We draft, review, negotiate and enforce contracts and agreements on behalf of companies, ensuring that their interests are protected.
  • Human resources issues — Our attorneys are skilled in employment law and assist companies in creating policies and handbooks that mitigate the risk of claims or disputes. Should disputes arise, we are prepared to resolve those issues, litigating if necessary.
  • Partners and investors — We provide clear guidance in resolving disputes involving partners, minority and majority shareholders, investors and family members. This includes buyouts, dissolution, squeeze-outs and other conflicts that threaten to disrupt the company's operations or perceived value.
  • Litigation — Should the company face a dispute or claim that requires litigation, our attorneys are equipped with the experience and deep understanding of business law to protect the company in court.
  • Intellectual property — We help you find the answers and solutions you need to ensure that your brand and intellectual property are protected.

Our solutions are always tailored to the needs of the company, as well as its financial constraints. Our lawyers will help you understand your options, working with you to create a legal strategy that accomplishes the goal or resolves the dispute in the most cost-effective and minimally disruptive manner possible.

To discuss your business's legal needs and concerns, please contact our Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, office today at 412-880-5605.