Buy Or Sell A Pennsylvania Business

Kisner Law Firm, LLC provides valuable services to small and midsized companies throughout Pennsylvania in the sale and acquisition of businesses, business assets and ownership interests. Our business attorneys are experienced in creating legal strategies and tools that facilitate the growth of a business and protect its long-term interests.

Buy-Sell Agreements

Our firm works with small businesses to create buy-sell agreements in advance that provide a clear understanding to all parties and those with ownership interests regarding how and under what conditions ownership of the company can be sold. All too often, business owners overlook this critical agreement, assuming that the status quo will continue on indefinitely and relying upon understandings and verbal agreements. Disputes and conflict inevitably arise in the duration of most businesses, and a buy-sell agreement protects all parties involved, moving the dispute to the most efficient resolution possible.

We represent both majority and minority members of a company in negotiations involving the sale and purchase of ownership interests. Our attorneys partner with the client to understand his or her priorities and goals for the transaction, as well as the goals of the business. We provide legal solutions that protect your interests and minimize distraction from business operations.

Business Acquisitions And Acquisitions Of Assets

Our firm also assists in the acquisition of other businesses and their assets. If you are considering buying a business, we provide all the legal guidance and representation you will need during this process, including drafting and negotiating purchase and asset acquisition agreements.

To discuss your goals and the growth of your business, please contact our Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, office today at 412-880-5605 to arrange a consultation.