Small-Business Lawyer: For Pittsburgh And Western Pennsylvania

For many entrepreneurs and aspiring business owners, the path from a good business idea to launching that business can seem overwhelming, full of unknowns and inexperience. At Kisner Law Firm, LLC, we are committed to walking entrepreneurs through this process, providing the insight, guidance and resources needed to turn a concept into a profitable business.

Experienced And Strategic Guidance As You Start And Grow Your Business

We have helped launch multitudes of small businesses throughout Pennsylvania. Our attorneys will provide clear guidance throughout the process, asking the right questions and providing the answers and information you need to make strategic decisions. We will ensure that all details are considered and you are fully protected as you launch your dream.

If you are seeking to start a company in Pennsylvania, we invite you to meet with our attorneys and learn how we can help make that vision a reality. Call our Pittsburgh law firm today at 412-880-5605.

Our attorneys will help you select and create an appropriate business structure and formation. Whether you are seeking to establish a limited liability company (LLC) or incorporate your business, we have the answers and insight you need, tailored to your company and its goals.

Small-Business Lawyer | Serving Pittsburgh And Western Pennsylvania

We will also help you evaluate:

  • Any noncompete agreement issues that could create legal problems
  • Any potential weaknesses or opportunities in the business plan
  • Possibilities for raising funding and feed money
  • Employment needs and the creation of sound employee policies and a handbook
  • Existing insurance policies and any insurance needs
  • Real estate and commercial lease needs
  • Potential trademarks or brand protection

Our firm has a strong network of trusted vendors and professionals who can provide the services you need. We routinely connect clients with valuable resources and allies.


Our attorneys will assist in drafting, reviewing and negotiating all necessary contracts to start your business, including employment contracts, noncompete agreements, independent contractor contracts, vendor agreements and operating agreements. We will ensure that you are fully protected not only in the launch, but also through the future of your business.

Legal Counsel For Small Businesses

Many of our clients continue to rely upon our legal guidance as they grow. We know their business, its operations and its goals for growth and the future. This deep understanding and familiarity allow us to provide tailored legal solutions quickly, no matter what type of dispute or need may arise.