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Employment decisions ultimately affect a business's operations and either help or hinder its goals and objectives. Our firm equips you with legal explanations and sound guidance, enabling you to create employment strategies and plans that protect your business interests while maintaining a strong workforce. This provides confidence to take decisive action that is in the best interests of your company, including potentially divesting the business of an under-performing employee in a legal manner.

Strategic Legal Solutions In Employment Law And Employer Defense

Kisner Law Firm, LLC represents many small to midsized companies throughout Pittsburgh and western Pennsylvania, most of which do not have a legal or human resources department. We develop a relationship with each company, understanding its individual needs and goals.

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Our employment law attorneys provide knowledgeable guidance to companies and employers in all aspects of employment law, including:

We provide responsive service, critical when you require immediate answers and information to decide quickly how to handle a situation with an employee. We will offer practical answers regarding possible outcomes of every option, applying the law to your specific situation and business needs.