Employers And Unemployment Compensation Claims

After being laid off or let go from a company, many employees choose to file for unemployment benefits and compensation to help make ends meet as they look for a new job, particularly if the termination was sudden.

These benefits are paid through a government agency from employment tax charged to all employers. A former employee collecting unemployment benefits creates a greater employment tax bill for the company he or she left. Larger companies might not notice this additional expense in the grand scheme of things, but the increase in employment tax can affect the bottom line of small to midsized companies.

Challenging Unemployment Compensation Claims

While most employees are legally entitled to these benefits, an employer does have the option to contest an unemployment compensation claim, particularly if the employee was fired or left the company because of misconduct. The employer can also contest a claim if the employee was not hired as a formal employee, but rather as a contractor.

Contesting these claims, however, can be costly and create morale problems with current employees. Employers must carefully evaluate whether it is in the best interests of the company and the budget to allow the employee to collect.

Pittsburgh Business Lawyers Providing Sound Employment Guidance

At Kisner Law Firm, LLC, we provide strategic and experienced guidance in evaluating whether it is in the employer's best interests to contest the claim or allow the benefits to proceed. Should the situation and the reasons for the termination merit contesting the claim, our attorneys will skillfully represent your interests through this process.

Our lawyers represent small to midsized businesses throughout Pennsylvania, providing the answers and information they need to make strategic decisions that best serve the company and the advancement of its objectives.

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