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5 Assessment Appeal Success Stories

pillars-smooth.jpgProperty owners considering an assessment appeal want to know what their chances of success are. We can tell quickly and with high confidence whether your property is over-assessed. You can rely on our experience in real estate law to help lower your assessments. We have successfully represented property owners from all over Allegheny County, helping them to win lower assessed values and lower tax bills. Below are just five success stories from our firm's assessment appeal work.

Property 1: South Fayette

The first example client comes from South Fayette. We were able to lower this assessed value from $192,500 to $173,000, saving the owner over $600 per year in taxes.


Property 2: West View

This second property was located in West View, and the Kisner Law Firm fought to have the assessed value reduced by over $100,000, which saved the owner $3,440 in taxes every year.


Property 3: Pittsburgh

The owner of this third property received a post-appeal assessment that was less than one third of the original assessed value. That owner's tax bill was reduced by 71%, or $941 every year.


Property 4: Pittsburgh

The fourth property, also located in Pittsburgh, was originally assessed by Allegheny County at $361,000. After the property owner came to the Kisner Law Firm, we were able to reduce that value to just $175,000, which cut the owner's property tax bill in half from over $10,000 to barely over $5,000 per year.


Property 5: Pittsburgh

The last success story comes from a Pittsburgh property that was assessed at $175,000. We fought to reduce that value down to $82,500, which shaved off more than half of the annual property tax bill, saving the owner almost $3,000 per year.


We believe that clients of the Kisner Law Firm deserve aggressive representation from an attorney who can get the best results. In this area of law, the best results can mean immediate savings of hundreds or thousands of dollars per year in property taxes. The real estate assessment system in Allegheny County is in chaos this year, and thousands of property owners will pay too much in taxes unless they take the right steps to appeal their assessed values.

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