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Property Tax Assessment Appeals

city-06-flip-300x137.jpgProperty owners in Allegheny County know that the property tax assessment system is chaotic. In 2012, owners are seeing their assessed values increase significantly, and many need an experienced real estate attorney to represent them through the appeals process to fight increased taxes.

Typical property owners really only have two questions on their minds: How much are my taxes going to go up, and what can I do about it?

How much are my taxes going to go up?

The exact amount of your tax increase is difficult to predict at this point. It is not necessarily true that if your assessed value increased that your property tax bill will increase. Pennsylvania law requires the millage rate to be adjusted to account for higher assessments. For City of Pittsburgh residents, the millage rate was .02981. So a property assessed at $100,000 owed $2,981 per year in taxes. The new millage rate has been unofficially predicted to be .0198, so now a property assessed at $100,000 would now owe $1,980, about $1,000 less per year.

But what if you owned a house that was assessed at $100,000 that was increased by 50% to $150,000? Using the old assessed value and the old millage rate, you owed $2,981 in taxes. Using your new assessed value and the predicted new millage rate, your taxes would be $2,970, virtually the same. So although most property owners saw their assessed values increase, their taxes may not go up at all, and may even go down.

Many owners saw their assessed values go up by much more than 50%, though, and they will see much higher tax bills when the new assessments go into effect in 2013 unless they do something about it.

What can I do about it?

For property owners who saw their assessed values increase by 50% or more, or any property owner whose assessed value exceeds the property's fair market value, the Kisner Law Firm can help. For a low flat fee, we will initiate a formal appeal, represent you at the hearing, and appeal the decision to the next level if necessary. Virtually all of our clients realize immediate tax savings in the hundreds or thousands of dollars, and the savings stack up every year that the lower tax bill comes in the mail.

Kim Kisner has been successfully representing Allegheny County and Pittsburgh property owners in real estate assessment appeals for years. Success in a real estate assessment appeal means real tax savings of hundreds or thousands of dollars. A great deal is at stake for anyone going through the appeal process, and in this economy, you should rely on an experienced real estate attorney for the best outcome.

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