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Assessment Appeals: Frequently Asked Questions

BW-SQ-City-150x150.jpgThe court-ordered 2013 property reassessment leaves many Allegheny County property owners with questions. Information comes from many sources-the media, the courts, and the county-and sometimes it can be hard to digest all of it. In talking to hundreds of property owners in Allegheny County, we have found that some questions keep coming up. So this page includes many of the most frequently asked questions about the 2013 reassessment and the assessment appeal process.

How much are my taxes going to increase?

The exact amount of your tax increase will not be known until all 2013 millage rates are published. But it is not necessarily true that an increased assessed value will mean increased taxes, because taxing authorities are required to adjust their millage rates down to account for a reassessment that raises values across the board.

How much will I save if I get a reduction in my assessed value?

A good rule of thumb is that every $10,000 in assessed value means $250-$300 per year in taxes.

Should I hire an attorney to represent me at the appeal hearing?

Property owners can represent themselves at the appeal hearing and at the Board of Viewers, but it may be a bad idea. Experienced attorneys will give you the best chance at reducing your value and your tax bill. At the Kisner Law Firm, we know how to put together the strongest possible case for the lowest possible value. After we provide a complimentary evaluation, we only recommend retaining our firm if we believe we have a strong case.

How long does it take to get results back after the formal appeal hearing?

So far, in 2013, we are finding that most results take at least 6-12 weeks to be mailed after the hearing date.

How long do I have to appeal to the Board of Viewers?

If you are not satisfied with the result of the formal appeal hearing, you must appeal to the Board of Viewers within 30 days by filing with the Court of Common Pleas.

Is it too late to start an appeal this year?

The deadline to file a formal appeal was April 2, 2012. The court did allow late appeals to be filed as recently as August 28, but it is unlikely that any any more new appeals will be allowed in the year 2012. However, there may be another opportunity for owners to appeal early in 2013, just as they can in a typical (non-reassessment) year.

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