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September 2015 Archives

A contractor's breach of contract

For many contractors, one of the most important steps in doing business is bidding on jobs. To be effective and successful in the bidding process, contractors need to know the market, costs, and expenses associated with their trade. Some contractors look to secure business by placing bids way under cost and with a completion date much sooner than their competitors. While these types of bids look good to those taking them, it can open individuals up to lengthy breach of contract disputes when a contractor's promise to deliver is a no-show.

For businesses requesting bids on a project, especially a large one, there could be a number of contractors interested. With stiff competition, contractors likely want their bid to be the most attractive, which may lead them to guarantee work for a price and on a timeline that is just not feasible. Typically, bidding on a job takes heavy consideration. When that consideration is given simply to seal the deal, it leaves room for issues that can impact both the contractor and who they're doing work for.

Any number of unforeseen problems can impact the timeline and cost of a job considerably. Depending on what is outlined in the accepted bid, these changes could lead to a breach of contract on the contractor's part. Contractors new to the bidding game may not understand just how much is at stake when a contract is breached. Contract disputes can be lengthy and expensive, and seriously damage an individual's reputation.

Whether the work is not completed on time or at all, substandard or not as promised, contractors promising the world should be cautious. While cost effectiveness and time efficiency is something every business wants, hiring a contractor that may cut corners to deliver it, or doesn't deliver at all, is not. If you have hired a contractor and are facing a possible breach of contract dispute, you may benefit from speaking to an experienced attorney.

When an ex employee goes too far

Defamation cases happen all the time, and for employers bearing the brunt of an ex employee's angry words is more than just personally hurtful, it can damage the reputation of your entire company. Although most people understand what defamation of character is, not many understand how difficult it is to prove.

Defamation happens when someone either writes or speaks an inaccurate statement about someone else and that statement, in turn, causes harm to the individual it was about. For employers, the harm is usually by way of damage to their reputation. Although many individuals may feel the sting of harsh or untrue words, defamation doesn't actually take place until there is a provable impact on a business's reputation.

Whatever the reason, many employers have endured some level of defamation. Many times, it's too small to measure, but occasionally hurt feelings or anger create an uproar big enough to impact the livelihood of a company. When that happens, employers usually seek the help of a business law attorney. Defamation cases can be tricky, and proving a loss due to defamatory statements can be even more so. For employers, finding out there is a rift between you and your ex employees is none too surprising. Yet finding out those rifts cost you money, can be downright infuriating. That is why there are attorneys trained to handle defamation cases.

So when it happens, and an employee takes their disgruntled attitude to the next level, employers have a way to fight back. While employers can't come after ex employees for just being mad, loss of business due to untrue statements or allegations can result in compensation. A skilled attorney, experienced in defamation cases can help. With their knowledge and resources, fighting back against the slander or libel that is costing your company money is possible.

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