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Responding to employee resignations

An employee's time with a company ending can be a delicate situation for both the employer and the employee, and what actions are taken during the course of such situations can have lasting impacts. So, it can be important for employers to have solid policies and practices for dealing with these events.

This is not only the case for employee departures that come about from terminations, but also for employee departures that come about from employee resignations. How an employer acts in response to an employee opting to quit can impact the employer's relationship with the rest of their employees. It could affect also how willing the resigning employee would be to someday return to the company.

Rehiring former employees is something companies have shown increased openness to in recent times. And, in today's economy, boomerang workers (workers who return to a company after resigning from it) have become a relatively common thing.

Why might an employer desire to create an environment in which resigning employees would feel willing to perhaps one day return to the company? For one, a company may have a great appreciation of a departing worker's talents and hope to someday have those talents back within the company. Also, rehiring a former employee can sometimes be easier on a company (financially and training-wise) than hiring a new employee.

Now, certain actions by an employer in response to an employee resigning could end up burning any bridges the employer had with the employee, making it very unlikely the employee would ever come back. Other actions, on the other hand, could help with keeping the employee's departure on good terms, perhaps keeping the door open to a possible future working relationship with the departing employee.

So, it can be important for employers to give careful thought to what kind of policies and practices they have when it comes to resigning employees. Skilled employment lawyers can help employers with crafting employment policies aimed at meeting their legal needs and promoting the goals they have for their company and their relationship with their employees.

Source: MainStreet, "Employers Are Seeing the Rise of Boomerang Employees," Ellen Chang, April 6, 2016

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