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The comprehensive employment contract

One of the best ways an employer can protect themselves after hiring employees is to have a comprehensive employment contract in place. An employment contract essentially outlines the job's basic details. As long as the employment contract is forcibly written, and does not request or require anything illegal from an employee, it becomes legally binding once it's signed.

Depending on the nature of your business, your employment contract can be as all-inclusive as you wish. It should always include the employment start date, benefits and salary information, and may also include details specific to the position or the company itself. By working with an employment law attorney, employers can draft an effective and comprehensive employment contract that addresses all of their concerns and offers them unparalleled protection.

Many employers choose to include confidentiality and non-compete clauses in their employment contracts. A confidentiality agreement asks that an employee not disclose information specific to the success of a business's operation. This can include trade secrets, formulas and processes. The non-compete clause asks that an employee agrees not to work for a competing company for a specific time after their employment ends.

Occasionally, an employment contract can include additional clauses such as an ownership of invention clause, a termination and arbitration clause, and clauses preventing an employee from working somewhere else during their employment or from collecting additional income if elected to a board or committee of the company.

There are numerous different additions that employers can include in their employment contracts. By working with an experienced employment law attorney, employers can draft a legally binding and comprehensive employment contract that effectively protects the best interest of their business.

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