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What can make a contract null and voidable?

Whether you have a small startup business or a large corporation, every important agreement you enter into should be taken seriously, and an enforceable contract should be created. How do you know if your contract is enforceable and you are protected?

If it can be argued that the contract was created under duress or misrepresentation, it could be thrown out as unbinding. If undue influence or persuasion was used to garner a contract, this could negate it as well.

While courts don't have a lot of sympathy for people who argue inebriation, if someone can prove you either drugged them or knew they were inebriated and took advantage of the state they were in, a contract could be argued to be invalid due to one party's incapacity.

A minor can also not be legally bound by any contract. If a person does sign a contract while a minor and subsequently turns 18, that person has only a short amount of time in which to cancel the contract before it actually does become enforceable.

If the terms of a contract are shocking, oppressive and are deemed unconscionable, the court may decide the contract should be voided. This would happen if one party exercised it's substantially greater power and strong-armed or out-witted a weaker party into an agreement that was an unbalanced deal.

There are other reasons why a contract can be thrown out. If you are drafting a contract, it is likely important to you or your company that it is upheld. By working with a Pennsylvania contract law attorney, you may ensure your contract is legal and binding and shall remain so for its duration, protecting both you and the other party.

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