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Responding to defamation against your company

As much as your company strives to create a strong reputation for quality and works diligently to provide that through the products or services it offers, so much can stand in the way. Certainly, there are barriers and hazards in the most unexpected places and one of those is in what is being said by the employees.

This could be a source of nightmares for employers. You can interview and make every effort to find and hire the right people for the jobs, but the only true testament to their abilities is time and effort and the value added once the employee is placed. If that employee is not happy with the job, feels someone else was promoted before them, feels they were denied a raise they deserved or were terminated for any reason, they may engage in defamation online or through other mediums, in order to retaliate.

If you have an employer who is dragging your company through the mud by perpetuating untruths about the internal operations, management or trade secrets, you may have a need for a Pennsylvania-area attorney who knows how to take on employment law cases. Once damages are done, they are hard to reverse, especially in the era of social media. You need to contain the slander or libel quickly and effectively and make sure the real truth is presented and anything else is shut down and punished according to penalties set forth in defamation laws.

The Kisner Law Firm LLC, will advocate on your behalf because they know how important it is to shut down derogatory misinformation being fed to consumers about your business. A victory against such defamation is a testament to your company's fortitude in taking bad press and arguing it head on, not settling out of courts in an attempt to stifle rumors.

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