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How employers should handle employees who are pregnant

As an employer, it is always important to treat all of your employees with respect. Failure to do so may cause issues and even lead to an employee filing a discrimination claim. This legal battle where it is your word against theirs can be exhausting, stressful and overwhelming. When dealing with a pregnant employee, employers need to be aware of the laws in place regarding employment.

When an employee is pregnant, employers should be sure of the following:

  • They don't terminate an employee due to their pregnancy.
  • They hold the employee's job when the absence is pregnancy-related.
  • They don't refuse to promote an employee due to their pregnancy.
  • They provide similar benefits for those who are single and pregnant as those who are married.

Sometimes, certain decisions or behaviors can be mistaken for discrimination. That being the case, what an employee may view as discrimination may not be similar to what their employer views as discrimination. However, when an employee feels as though they have been treated differently than others, employers should take a close look at what they may or may not have done because it is possible that they have discriminated against this pregnant employee.

Discrimination claims should be taken seriously by all employers. If someone feels as though you have discriminated against them because of their pregnancy, you should not hesitate to hire an attorney who can help you with the case. Filing a claim doesn't make the accusation true, but employers should ensure they do what they can to keep all their employees happy and avoid other accusations of discrimination.

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