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What actions are considered race discrimination in the workplace?

Employers should do what they can to ensure their employees are happy and look forward to coming into work every day. For some, having a pleasant work environment and friendly coworkers is pretty much all the motivation they need to come into work, so when they feel as though something is amiss, they may be reluctant to show up and do a good job. This may be how employees feel when they have been victims of racial discrimination, and employers should pay close attention to what could have happened to make them feel this way.

The following actions would be considered race discrimination in the workplace:

  • Paying an employee a low wage or salary due to their race.
  • Not providing or offering employee benefits due to their race.
  • Terminating or suspending an employee due to their race.
  • Segregating or keeping employees apart due to their race.

As an employer, it is important that you treat all employees equally. Sometimes, employees may feel as though they have discriminated against, but the employer doesn't agree with their opinion. Regardless, any claims of race discrimination should be taken seriously, and employers should do what they can to make the work environment one that is comfortable for all employees.

When an employee comes to you with a problem, it is necessary for you to listen and work to rectify any wrongs that have been done. You may not agree with the employee's thoughts and opinions, but if you want to avoid going to court, it is best not to ignore them. Should an employee decide to file an official claim and seek compensation, an attorney can assist you with handling this matter.


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