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When is an employer required to give unemployment compensation?

Unemployment compensation is often an agreeable arrangement. If an employer has to lay off a worker, compensation is usually the least the company can do. But, sometimes employees will take advantage of unemployment compensation. In other words, they may demand it when they don't deserve it. Thus, employers should know in what circumstances the government requires them to pay.

Fired employees often qualify for unemployment compensation. A legit example is after a layoff. But, an employee that performs misconduct can be exempt from payment. This misconduct usually has to be intentional and recurring. Examples include:

  • Frequent and unexcused lateness and absence.
  • Not following workplace rules.
  • Being intoxicated while working. 
  • Sleeping while at work.
  • Lying. 
  • Sexual harassment. 
  • Causing considerable damage to a business.

Those who quit aren't usually supposed to receive unemployment compensation. But, sometimes there is a "good cause" for leaving which then necessitates reimbursement. "Good causes" can include:

  • Sexual harassment or discrimination that the employer didn't fix.
  • An employer relocated an employee's job or their spouse's job to somewhere far away.
  • An employer compromised an employee's health.
  • Convincing personal reasons, such as caring for a sick family member.

If you believe that one of your employees is wrong in requesting unemployment compensation, you may want to consult an attorney that specializes in employment law. They can help you determine whether your employee deserves compensation or not. And, if an employee demands reimbursement where none is due, an attorney can help fight for your company's rights. They may also prevent your business losing a significant amount of money as a result.

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