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What commonly causes contract breach accusations?

Employers in Pennsylvania are often put into difficult situations because of their position of power. Unhappy employees will always look to target someone for compensation, which is how some accusations of contract breaches end up getting thrown around.

It's important for employers to understand the terms of their own contracts inside and out in order to defend themselves against accusations. The American Bar Association says that all questions about contracts can be broken down and answered by looking at a few main components. These are:

  • Whether or not a contract was formed, and what the terms are
  • If the contract promises could be enforced and if those enforcements had defenses
  • If a duty of performance arose
  • Whether or not a contract was breached, and what the remedy is

Many claims of contract breaches stem from a fundamental misunderstanding of what was promised in the initial contract. The employee may feel entitled to things that the employer never intended to offer to them, and this can cause a great deal of friction, especially if the employee feels cheated.

Other common causes of contract breach accusations include a perceived lack of proper enforcement of the promises made within the contract. Employees may also feel cheated out of certain promises despite not meeting goals set in the contract either because these performance terms weren't made clear to them, or because of intentional misreading.

In any case, a contract breach accusation can be very serious. Employers who are being pinned with such accusations should swiftly deal with them to avoid damaging their reputation in the business world.

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