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What laws about age discrimination should workplaces know?

Diversity in the workplace is about more than people's educational or cultural backgrounds. It is also about the age of employees. Might a 30-year-old employee have something to offer that a 60-year-old worker doesn't? Could that elder worker be able to teach a younger employee a thing or two?

As a whole, a diverse workplace can be beneficial to a business' bottom line and to the morale of the workers employed there. Respecting diversity is also a legal matter. That respect includes abiding by anti-discrimination laws regarding employees' ages.

But what age discrimination rules do companies need to follow?

Workers who are 40 and older are the protected class in terms of age discrimination lawsuits. Various company process and policies are not allowed to routinely discriminate against older workers, even if such discrimination is not intentional.

These processes include recruitment, hiring, job assignments, benefits, promotions, job loss and compensation. A business will want to work with a human resources professional who can help ensure employment policies and processes don't negatively impact older workers. Otherwise, a company could be sued for age discrimination and have to go through that sometimes lengthy, stressful and expensive legal process. Such lawsuits can be bad for a business' reputation, as well.

If your business employs at least 20 people, you are expected to follow anti-discrimination laws. Still, just because you are accused of discriminating practices doesn't mean you have committed the alleged offenses. There are legal reasons to legally support age-based decisions in the workplace. Your employment defense attorney can evaluate a situation and help defend your best interests.

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