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Allegheny County Property Assessments: Appeal Deadline Looming

With less than three weeks from the filing deadline, Allegheny County property owners, municipalities, and school districts have filed just 2,000 property assessment appeals for 2015.  This number is substantially down from the roughly 10,000 property assessment appeals that were filed in 2014 across Allegheny County.  Consistent with years past, school districts have taken the lead in filing the majority of the taxing body initiated appeals.  In fact, property owners in Districts like Sto-Rox, Mt. Lebanon, and Avonworth have already begun to receive notice of the pending appeals of their assessments.  Property owners most vulnerable to an assessment increase are those who recently purchased a property at a price well above its current assessed value.

On the other hand, many property owners across Allegheny County remain over-assessed.  A proeprty assessment appeal could potentially save hundreds if not thousands of dollars each year in taxes.  Whether you are a property owner poised to challenge a school district appeal or are looking to file your own assessment appeal, contact the Kisner Law Firm today for a free consultation.  March 31st is right around the corner - don't miss out. 

Ring in the New Year with Lower Taxes (Allegheny County Assessments)

BW RE SQ.jpgWith a new year upon us, it's time to look ahead and prepare for what 2015 has in store. Whether you resolve to lead a healthier lifestyle or to simply make a concerted effort to appreciate the small things, everybody's New Year's resolution is aimed at making this year better than last year.

Homeowners should resolve to see if they can lower their property tax bills by considering an appeal of their current county assessment. Beginning in January, the Allegheny County Board of Property Assessment Appeals and Review is affording Allegheny County property owners and taxing bodies a brief window of opportunity in which to file appeals. The deadline is March 31, 2015.

One of the most notable developments for 2015 tax appeal purposes is that Allegheny County will once again have a useful common level ratio for the current tax year. The ratio - 90.8 percent - can be used as a barometer for property owners considering an appeal. If the assessed value of a particular property is above 90.8 percent of its fair market value, then the property owner should strongly consider filing an appeal.

On the other hand, as an encore to last year, new property owners in Allegheny County can again expect taxing bodies to appeal their assessment. So even though the total number of non-owner appeals will likely drop in 2015, new owners who paid more than the assessed value may find their property subject to an appeal. Challenging such an appeal can result in hundreds or thousands of dollars in tax savings.

Don't delay. Contact the Kisner Law Firm today for a free consultation and ring in the New Year with lower taxes.

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