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BW-Bridge-SQ-150x150.jpgAlthough the official April 2 deadline to file formal appeals is long past, Judge Wettick allowed hundreds of property owners to file their appeals late. Approximately 500 owners appeared Tuesday, August 28, to present their motions for late appeals. The county, municipalities, and school districts that could have opposed the motions for late appeals chose not to contest them, so the court granted the motions.

The next step for these owners is to wait until notified by the Board of Property Assessment Appeals and Review that the appeal has been processed. The county will automatically schedule an assessment appeal hearing.

How long does it take to get a hearing and get results?

In our experience so far this year, the county sometimes takes several months from the date of filing an appeal until the hearing is scheduled. We know that some appeals filed on April 2 still have no hearing date scheduled yet. When the hearing notices are mailed out, they may be sent only 1 or 2 weeks before the date of the hearing. We expect hearings to continue through the fall. We know the county is working hard to complete all the appeals by the end of the year.

After a hearing is held, the results are usually not mailed for another 6-8 weeks. If the property owner or a taxing body is not satisfied with the results, the case can be appealed to the Board of Viewers.

The Kisner Law Firm can help

Even though these owners won the right to have an appeal this year, they still need to win the actual appeal. If you are an owner who won the right to file a late appeal, the Kisner Law Firm is ready to step in and represent you to give you the best chance of reducing your assessed value. For a low flat fee, we will:

  • Analyze your property using our professional-level databases
  • Prepare a strong body of evidence for your appeal
  • Represent you at your hearing
  • If necessary, appeal to the Board of Viewers

We are pleased to provide all potential clients with complimentary evaluations of their properties. If we don't think the case is strong, we won't recommend that the property owner spend more money hiring an attorney. But if we believe we can put together a strong case, we will move forward with representation. If you have any questions about the assessment appeal process, or if you need representation for an upcoming hearing, contact the Kisner Law Firm today.

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