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Informal Appeal Results Good for Some, Others Need Formal Hearings

Thumbnail image for BW-SQ-City-County-Bldg.jpgEarlier this week, Allegheny County mailed the last informal appeal results. It has been reported that about half of the informal appeals resulted in value changes. This may appear to be a very positive result for a lot of people, but there are two counter-points. First, that means at least 1 out of 2 property owners who filed an informal appeal did not get any reduction at all. Second, many of these changes were only small reductions, which means those property owners are still facing substantial tax increases. Some properties, around 3%, even saw an increase in their assessed value.

Fortunately, property owners who are not pleased with their informal appeal results can file formal appeals and take the fight to the next level. Whether you are a property owner who saw no change in property value, an increase in property value, or only a nominal decrease in value, a special appeal may represent the best opportunity to effectively dispute your reassessment. Whether you have already filed a formal appeal, received unfavorable informal results, or missed the April 2nd deadline and would like to file a late appeal, the Kisner Law Firm can help you.

Presenting Your Best Case

The Kisner Law Firm is already representing hundreds of owners across Allegheny County. Our firm uses professional-level real estate analytical tools. We use multiple databases including a real estate database powered by RealSTATs that allows us to analyze any property in Allegheny County by looking at the statistical information and comparable sales data. Our techniques and tools allow us to present the best possible case at your appeal.

Filing A Late Formal Appeal

While the deadline to file an appeal for the 2013 reassessed values has already passed, it may not be too late to get your appeal filed. In late August, Judge R. Stanton Wettick is hearing Motions to file late appeals. Following the procedures prescribed by the County, Kisner Law Firm can step in immediately on your behalf and represent your interests before both Judge Wettick and the Review Board. The experience and professional services offered by Kisner Law Firm can greatly increase the likelihood that your late appeal will be accepted. Don't miss out on the last opportunity of the year to save yourself hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, in real estate taxes..

The Kisner Law Firm

The Kisner Law Firm can step in at any time to provide representation, even if you have already had your formal hearing. When the hearing date or court date (for Board of Viewer appeals) arrives, you don't even need to attend. For a low flat fee, we will take care of everything for you at the formal hearing and even at the Board of Viewers (if necessary). We need at least one week notice so we can fully prepare. The Kisner Law Firm can provide you with a free evaluation of your case and the kind of evidence we can put together for your appeal. Contact the Kisner Law Firm today for an evaluation of your case so you can win the fight to lower your real estate taxes.

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